Help-U-Sell® Real Estate for Sellers

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Help-U-Sell® Real Estate’s Benefits for Sellers

  • “Low” because our back office system enables us to accomplish more with less.
  • “Set” because it takes no more time, money or effort to sell a $500,000 home than it does a $350,000 home.  Pricing that makes sense.

Sellers receive full service while saving thousands of dollars in equity.

Low Set Fee pricing enables sellers to price competitively and still achieve maximum results

Help-U-Sell for Brokers

Help-U-Sell for Sellers

Help-U-Sell for Agents

Help-U-Sell for Buyers

Competitive Advantage

The Help-U-Sell Real Estate model lets you charge less but make more. It is a Broker Focused & Consumer Centric model.

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The Future of Real Estate

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