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Help-U-Sell® Real Estate helps you target your market, laser focus on the customers with the highest propensity to list… resulting in an outstanding ROI on your marketing spend. Automating your marketing lets you set it and forget it, freeing your time to focus on what makes you money… your customers.

Comprehensive Marketing Platform Includes:

  • Keeps you in touch with past clients and people who can refer business to you
  • Automated for Effective, Low Cost Results
  • Set-it-and -forget-it to free your time to focus on what makes you money…your customers
  • Indicates which Homes are likely to List within the next 12 Months
  • Lets you laser focus your Marketing for Maximum Effectiveness and Return of Investment of your Marketing Dollar
  • Over 200 Metrics Analyzed to develop Target List
  • Systematic Lead Development via Multiple Marketing Methods
  • Unique Systematic Method to Target the Right People at the Right Time
  • Extremely Low Cost per piece for High ROI of your Marketing Dollars
  • Pre-developed Marketing Templates for ease of use
  • Layout Automatically Adapts to device’s screen size whether phone, pad or computer
  • Neighborhood Searches Simplifies the user experience
  • Fully Customizable for your Market
  • Clients can view each neighborhood’s demographics
  • Builder section for Targeting the New Home Buyers
  • Buy Local Numbers
  • Respond to Text Automatically with Listing Information
  • Add Call-Forwarding on your Text Numbers
  • AI To Help Write Blog Posts
  • Get Ideas For Social Media Posts
  • Write Ad’s With The Help Of AI
  • Effective Marketing to keep you at Top of Mind Awareness with your leads data base
  • Low Cost for High ROI of Marketing
  • Campaigns are fully Customizable for your Market Needs
  • Expert Staff Customizes Franchisee Websites with Multiple Syndication
  • Quick Response to Website and Marketing Changes
  • Technology is developed Inhouse and Not Reliant upon Outside Vendors

Competitive Advantage

The Help-U-Sell Real Estate model lets you charge less but make more. It is a Broker Focused & Consumer Centric model.

1-on-1 Consultation

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